the sixth annual

Stuttgart NanoDays Workshop

September 17th -19th 2014

NanoCarbons: Science to Product


The Stuttgart Workshops

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Prof. David Carroll

Dept. of Physics, Wake Forest University

Phone: 336 727 1804




The sixth annual Stuttgart Workshop focusing on “near term applications and commercialization” of NanoCarbon will be held on the campus of the Fraunhofer IPA (adjacent to Universität Stuttgart) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen: September 17th - 19th 2014. This forum will bring together thought leaders from academia and industry to discuss opportunities and focus on barriers to commercialization of technologies based on nanocarbon materials (graphene, nanotubes, fullerene derivatives, carbon foams, etc.).

Designers, engineers, and scientists working at the interface between the laboratory and the marketplace are particularly encouraged to participate. You will see: world class research together with translational approaches to industry, emerging technologies based on nanocarbon materials and benchmarks against state of the art, and an open discussion of the challenges ahead for this field.

The Workshop is open to: students, academic and industrial scientists and engineers, corporate representatives, and government representatives.


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Stuttgart NanoDays will keep an open source record of the proceedings as presented by the participants.  These records can be an extended abstract or slides from the presentations themselves. The record will be maintained on this website.  

To attend the Stuttgart Workshop you must apply and participation is limited and there is only a minimal fee. To be considered please contact us:

David Carroll


Ivica Kolaric


Georg Duesberg


Siegmar Roth


April 5, 2014:  First Announcement of NanoDays 2014, Call for abstracts, Invitations to Speakers