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The eighth annual Stuttgart Workshop focusing on  the challenges of “science, applications and commercialization” in dimensionally engineered advanced materials, will meet at the Relexa Hotel in Stuttgart-Busnau on September 14th - 16th 2016.

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The Stuttgart Workshops were established as a forum for discussion of advanced, dimensionally engineered, materials systems that have the potential to revolutionize the marketplace.  The style of the workshop presentations is designed to be a cross between a TED talk and a scientific talk developing context as well as the scientific rigor of the results. Attendees at the workshop are encouraged to reach beyond the typical “spectator” status of most conferences and adopt a forward leaning “participant” mode of thinking by taking an active role in the discussions, panels, and poster sessions.  At the Stuttgart Workshops, you can find your voice and challenge others to do the same.

The theme of the workshop centers on the challenges in dimensionally engineered materials that are just emerging into the scientific consciousness.  New developments in: conducting polymers, chalcoginide nanowires, nanoplates with topological states, and nanocarbon will be discussed.  Adding context to these topics, recent developments in applications of advanced materials systems will be presented including: lighting, thermo and piezo - electric energy scavenging, sensors and ionic separation systems, and more.

The goal of the workshop is to establish common themes among materials systems that are unifying with regards to dimension and length scale.   

The Workshop is organized by Verein zur Förderung der Stuttgart Nanodays:


David Carroll  (carroldl@wfu.edu), 

Georg Duesberg  (duesberg@tcd.ie), 

Siegmar Roth  (siegmar.roth@t-online.de)

Vojislav Krstic (vojislav.krstic@fau.de)

Funding is provided by:


suppliers of nanotech solutions and materials

a world leader in nanotech IP

a top ranked US research university making a difference