The Stuttgart Workshops are a forum for discussion of advanced, dimensionally engineered, materials systems that have the potential to revolutionize the marketplace.  The style of the workshop presentations is designed to be a cross between a TED talk and a scientific conference talk; developing context as well as the scientific rigor of the results. Attendees at the workshop are encouraged to reach beyond the typical “spectator” status of most conferences and adopt a “forward-leaning participant” mode of thinking by taking an active role in the discussions, panels, and poster sessions.  The Stuttgart Workshops are a place to find your voice and challenge yourself to see the larger context.

Workshop themes center on present and emerging challenges in dimensionally engineered materials.  What is such a material, don’t you just mean nanomaterial? NO! Emerging into today’s scientific consciousness is the realization is that the interface between a low dimensional material (such as a nanoplate) and a higher dimensional field is dominated by its global topology.  This realization has significant impacts on a wide range of applications derived from nanoparticle and low dimensional materials; from electro-optic composites to molecular scale electronics. To understand how this might be, the Workshop seeks to present new developments in:

Conducting polymers,

Chalcoginide nanowires,

Low dimensional perovskites,

Nanoplates with topological states,


Context is given to these topics through presentations of applications including: lighting, thermo and piezo - electric energy scavenging, sensors and ionic separation systems, and more.

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The ninth annual Stuttgart Workshop focusing on  the challenges of “science, applications and commercialization” in dimensionally engineered advanced materials, will meet at the Universität der Bundeswehr in Munich on September 13th - 15th 2017.